Eco Anxiety

As humans we are beings of the Earth, and deep down we know that our own health and Wellness is inextricably linked to the health and Wellness of our shared home.

As the Climate Crisis deepens, so does our sense of panic and anxiety. Such is the seriousness of our situation, that in 2017, the American Psychological Association coined the term  ‘Eco Anxiety  to describe the feelings of fear and sadness that we experience when we see the damage human activity is doing to Nature.

Anger, fear depression and loss

Everyday the news shows us new environmental emergencies such as the burning of the Amazon forests, the melting of Icelandic glaciers and the extinction of an incredible number of beloved animal and plant species. When we see these images we cannot help but feel a deep sense of loss and actual physical and psychological pain. The reason we feel this pain is because of one vital human emotion – EMPATHY.

What can we do to alleviate Eco-Anxiety?

Undertaking concrete actions which mitigate the worst effects of climate change enables us to alleviate some of the effects of eco-anxiety and empower us to push forward towards a state of ‘Eco-Wellness’.

What is Eco-Wellness?

My definition of Eco-Wellness is living in a way which does the least possible harm to our natural environment whilst still being able to live our lives with a reasonable degree of comfort and safety. Eco-wellness is about experiencing joy from interacting with Nature and thriving mentally and physically when we move WITH Nature’s rhythm not against it.

Take your own concrete actions

Positive and respectful connection with the natural world is the central pillar of living with a mindset of Eco-Wellness. Taking concrete actions, no matter how small, will leave you feeling empowered, important and more than anything, engaged.

Here are my Top Tips for living in Eco-Wellness

  1. Treat all living things with compassion, understanding and empathy
  2. Always be kind to animals and that includes farmed and wild animals, insects and birds
  3. Look upon other species as your brothers, your sisters, your companions and your friends
  4. Reduce the harm you do to the planet by cutting your consumption of everything – food, clothes, travel, energy
  5. Notice Nature in your everyday life – listen for Birdsong, notice bees and insects
  6. Feel Nature – reach out and touch leaves, plants and trees when you go for a walk
  7. Renew your relationship with the Earth by walking barefoot on the grass, on the beach or in the sea
  8. Respect natural elements such as water by having shorter showers, re-using waste water and using a Waterbutt for Gardening
  9. Avoid Single Use plastic
  10. Grow your own food to reconnect with how Nature provides your nourishment

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Please note: This Blog reflects my own secular beliefs of Humanity’s place in the Natural World