Spirit Animal

I believe that one of the main reasons we find ourselves in a climate and Bio-diversity crisis is that over the centuries, a dominant Western philosophy has told us that we are  ‘apart from’ Nature and not ‘a part OF’ Nature. Our distance from the world of plants and animals has enabled us to dominate other species and emerge ‘victorious’ but it has come at great cost, not only to them but also to us.

Our own physical and spiritual Wellness has been greatly diminished by our distance from the Natural world and from our core life force as beings of an intertwined Eco-system in which we are one part of many. As more of us find ourselves stuck in concrete cities, our primal yearning for connection with animals and plants only increases and I believe that if we do not reconcile this yearning with re-connection with the spirits of the natural world, our mental and physical health will continue to suffer.

My deep connection to and empathy with animals

I’ve loved animals since I was a child and from an early age I instinctively knew that they had feelings just like me. As my life has gone on, my connection with animals has only deepened and that’s why when I discovered my Spirit Animal Oracle cards, I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my life and into my Wellness business and to help strengthen and share that connection.

What are Spirit Animals?

Each animal in the natural world carries with it a sense of ‘spirit’ which can be referred to as ‘archetypal symbolism’. To give you an example; when you see an image of a Lion, you most likely think of majesty, wisdom and courage and when you see an image of a Dove you think of grace, peace and purity. This type of animal symbolism has the power to connect you to shared characteristics with animals and as a result bring you closer to Nature. Working with Spirit Animal oracle also helps bring our own unconscious dreams and thoughts to the fore which can otherwise remain hidden deep within our brains. Emotions awakened by these images then serve to touch our own spirits.

How I use Spirit Animal Oracle Cards as part of my Wellness coaching practice 

For World Mental Health day,  I did a mini-workshop with my Animal Spirit Oracle cards with me as part of my Wellness work.  I was overwhelmed by the interest in people wanting to receive animal spirit readings and it was incredible to see and experience the connection and insight it generated amongst clients. Using the spirit animal cards led to some wonderful conversations about Nature and to uncovering the things that drive people on a deeper level. As part of my readings I asked clients to consider a current issue or decision they were facing and then using the cards, we worked together to find the pathway forward for them. Everyone told me how personally impactful it had been.

Sharing my own personal animal spirit readings with you

I not only use my Animal Spirit cards for clients, I use them as a guide in my own life.  Recently I’ve had some very strong readings and I’d like to share one I did for myself last week to give you an example.

The first card I turned was Buffalo spirit. Buffalo are sacred animals to the indigenous people of North America and signify abundance because Buffalo once numbered in their tens of millions on the Prairies of American continent. Buffalo spirit in my life signifies that the time for abundance is now.

The second card I turned was Scarab Beetle, an animal spirit which in Ancient Egypt signified the magic and boundless potential of creativity, something else which is flowing in my life right now.

Spirit Animal Buffalo Whether you take Animal spirit readings on a purely practical level to guide a pressing decision or a more     general path forward OR you interpret them on the more spiritual level of the animal world, Spirit Animal readings are an inspiring way to tap into your unconscious thoughts.

 Come and do a Spirit Animal reading with me!

I enjoy working with Oracle cards and so do my clients. I incorporate readings into my group Ecotherapy workshops and I’m also available to do personal spirit readings with you. If you’re interested in working with Spirit Animal readings contact me today on natasha@natashastromberg.com 


Stay Well – Natasha x