Wellness Coach

Natasha Stromberg – I get asked this all the time and although I can’t answer on behalf of all the Wellness Coaches out there, I can tell you what I do in MY Wellness coaching practice and help you embark on your own life-changing journey.

My holistic approach to Human Wellness

During my years as a Life coach, I came to realise that many of the causes of ill health and unhappiness were part of a more holistic Wellness deficit based in a lack of social connection, a proliferation of non-supportive workplace cultures, an increasing disconnection from Nature, and a lack of knowledge about how our emotions and our bodies work. That’s why I decided to build on my skills and expertise as a Life Coach and expand and deepen my knowledge to incorporate holistic Wellness Coaching into my work.

A passion for Mental Health with a network of fitness and nutrition experts

My core aim and indeed my deep passion as a Coach, has always been to improve the mental health and wellbeing of my clients. In my coaching consultations I help clients identify thoughts and feelings which may be preventing them from living their best lives. In order to serve them best, I’ve spent years studying and discussing how our emotions and our thoughts contribute to the way we see and experience the world. As a result, I know that by working on our mental processes and emotions we can remove roadblocks and set up new behaviours that benefit us.

I also know from my own life that poor physical health can have a huge knock-on effect on your mental health. That’s why over the last couple of years I’ve been building a network of experts in the field of nutrition and fitness who I work with to help clients with their physical as well as their mental Wellness goals.  When you choose me as your Wellness coach, I partner with you to manage the whole process of lifestyle transformation – inside and out.

A Wellness approach to life can help everyone in your family

What might a Wellness Coaching Consultation with me look like?

Here’s an example of what a Wellness Coaching consultation with me might look like.

Step One – You define your Wellness Goal

Let’s say you contact me with the Wellness goal ofI want to drink less alcohol’*  Together we schedule a FREE 10 minute consultation and you tell me that drinking alcohol is making you tired, grumpy and is affecting your performance at work and you want to make a change.

Step Two – Your first coaching consultation

We agree to start working together as coach and client, and in our first consultation we note down your Wellness Goal and make a time bound, action-based plan to get you to your goal. We also examine some of the root causes of you drinking alcohol using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques. Our session might look something like this .

You tell me that that you drink alcohol to relieve work stress

I ask you to describe your job to me in more detail and we observe certain behaviours that are leading to overwhelm and excess stress.  It transpires that you take on too many projects because you find yourself unable to say ‘NO’ for fear of being seen as ‘unhelpful’.  We work together to challenge your underlying thoughts of being seen as ‘unhelpful’ and start to work on effective communication and behavioural techniques to help you change them.  We always keep in mind that we are doing this to get you closer to your GOAL of Drinking less alcohol’. 

Step Three, Four, Five…- Follow-up coaching consultations

It may be that during our first coaching consultation you agree to work on some of the new techniques in-between coaching sessions and to hold yourself accountable for your progress. In subsequent consultations we discuss how effective you have been, whether you’ve achieved any impactful behaviour change and where you may be experiencing difficulty. We keep course-correcting over time until you’ve reached your initial stated goal of ‘Drinking less alcohol’

My job is to help you become your own Wellness Coach 

My goal as a Wellness coach is to pass on my knowledge so that over a relatively short period of time you become your own Wellness coach and reboot your life with a Wellness mindset. A coaching relationship in general, should have a finite end and although you may want to dip back into Coaching from time to time, my goal is to EMPOWER YOU to make the life changes you want to make.

Kick- start your Wellness Journey with me today

I hope this blog has helped to de-mystify Wellness Coaching and if you’ve been reading this thinking to yourself ‘Yes, I do want to reduce my work stress, I do want to drink less alcohol, I do want to simplify my life’ then contact me by filling in my contact form and book your 10 minute free consultation. My Wellness coaching starts at an accessible price of £75 for one 45 minute session and I assure you, it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

As always, Stay Well – Natasha

*Please note that Wellness coaching does not address alcohol addiction which should be dealt with by a medical professional. See NHS Alcohol Services  for further details.