Natasha’s ‘Carbon Cutdown’ webinar is a powerful ‘Call to arms’ for us to play our part in reducing the level of carbon we produce.  Natasha presented the science in a clear and understandable way and gave us some simple tips and ideas of things we can all do, to increase our individual contribution.  Natasha’s knowledge and passion for this challenge is clear. She doesn’t lecture or judge and is authentic in how she presents the facts of climate change and is very encouraging in how she invites us to do more.

Cedi, Managing Director, Article Consulting

Natasha has a real skill when it comes to coaching people. She is brilliant at being able to ask simple, effective, sometimes difficult questions in a way that enables the person to stop and really get to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend Natasha as a coach for your organisation if you’re struggling with how to have sensitive, difficult conversations, as her skills in helping you do this will be invaluable

Michelle Gyimah, Equality Pays

As part of Mental Health Awareness week 2019, Natasha delivered a Webinar to Action for Children staff on Wellness and Wellbeing. Her workshop had a particular focus on the beneficial effects of good nutrition and good mood foods. We found her workshop informative, encouraging and full of practical tips on how to live ‘Well’. I would definitely recommend Natasha as a Wellness professional and Coach.

Siobhan Corria, Head of Inclusion, Action for Children 

Natasha is a great coach. She rapidly increased my personal competence and self-reliance, which has had a positive effect in all areas of my work and life. I would highly recommend her as a coach

Tony, Ex-Police, Security Professional and 2nd careerist

Natasha is a brilliant individual with a remarkable personality and ever efficient in her work. Her methods of coaching are simplistic yet brilliant! I can happily recommend her to any organisation, I owe part of my early success with LJM to her, thank you Natasha – you are, and will continue to be, a huge credit to the coaching industry.

Jimmy, Sales Director, LJM Recruitment

Natasha’s coaching has left me feeling more grounded and able to cope with the pressures of life. I have learnt how to fine-tune my qualities and characteristics to get the best out of every interaction.

Rachel, Registered Nutrition Professional

Undertaking coaching with Natasha has been a very rewarding experience and has given me a greater understanding of my thought processes and behaviours at work and how to approach challenges in a positive way. As part of her “Smart Woman’ course, Natasha helped me develop clear career goals for the next 12 months and an outline of a five year career plan. As a result, I feel empowered to take ownership of my career progression. Most importantly of all, thanks to Natasha’s guidance and feedback, I now feel increasingly authentic and confident at work and deserving of my place in the team, company and professional world.

Victoria, Financial Professional

Natasha acted as a great sounding board in the initial stages of our business and helped us get the best performance out of ourselves. Natasha’s coaching style is fun and enjoyable but more importantly, very strategic.

Leon, Owner, LJM Recruitment

I had three coaching sessions with Natasha to help with my confidence at work. The key topic we covered was ‘Assertiveness’, where Natasha coached me on simple communication techniques, which I know will help me enormously in getting my point across at work. Natasha has a great coaching technique and I’m grateful for what she has taught me. Thanks Natasha!

Samantha, Fitness Professional