Are you worried about the Climate Crisis?

I know I am and that’s why I’ve designed a Webinar for individuals and familes so that we can build a community of knowledge to help us tackle the climate crisis. Whilst councils and governments around the globe roll out their plans it’s easy to feel powerless about how we personally can contribute to lowering our own carbon footprints.

That’s where my Carbon Cutdown webinar for individuals and families comes in!

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Empower yourself with knowledge

When you attend my ‘Carbon Cutdown’ Webinar, I personally take you through the science behind global heating in an easy to understand way and explain to you the practical ways you can reduce your’s and your family’s carbon footprint. You’ll leave my webinar feeling informed and empowered to take action.

It’s fun, informative, non-judgmental and takes just one hour. Each one of us can make a difference, if we do it together. Come and join me!

Still not convinced?

Read what previous Carbon Cutdown students are saying about me!

Natasha’s ‘Carbon Cutdown’ webinar was a powerful ‘Call to Arms’ for us to play our part in reducing the level of carbon we each produce.  Natasha presented the science in a clear and understandable way and gave us some simple tips and ideas of things we can all do, to increase our individual contribution.  Natasha’s knowledge and passion for this challenge is clear. She doesn’t lecture or judge and is authentic in how she presents the facts of climate change and is very encouraging in how she invites us to do more.

Cedi, Managing Director, Article Consulting

How do I sign up?

Our Carbon Cutdown Webinar takes place EVERY MONTH on the last Saturday of the Month and costs £15 per person or per family. Book tickets for the current month’s Webinar here.

Join the Carbon Cutdown revolution and do your part to reduce global emissions!