Life Wisdom & Wellness Coaching

Are you a busy professional who wants to reduce your stress levels?

Are you struggling with your emotions and want to learn about emotional balance? 

Do you want to overhaul your lifestyle but are unsure how to proceed?

Natasha Stromberg in her office

Worry no more, I can help you

Life has thrown me some pretty interesting and difficult challenges and overcoming those challenges has helped me gain a lot of Wisdom. I want to share my Wisdom with you so that you can face your own life challenges with greater strength and fortitude.

How does it work?

My Life Wisdom and Wellness Coaching has been designed to steer you onto your own path of greater emotional and physical wellbeing. Together we identify the road blocks which are preventing you from living the life you want, we come up with a written plan of your goals and practice new thought processes and behaviours which put YOU in the driving seat of your life. 

YOU then go away and action your goals and I’m there, by your side, encouraging and motivating you to keep you on track. 

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Your Top Ten benefits

  • The ability to set your own Life and Wellness goals and act upon them

  • The ability to manage your work and life stress more effectively

  • A deeper understanding of the health-benefits of being in Nature

  • The ability to build sustained physical activity into your daily life

  • Learning how to overcome low mood and live in emotional balance

  • Learning how to simplify your life and amplify your Wellbeing

  •  A deeper connection with your own spirituality

  • A greater ability to communicate your needs and your wants

  • Greater Self-Knowledge and wisdom

  • Learning how to manage Eco-anxiety

 My Fees

My entry-level, online coaching program delivered by Zoom starts at just £75 for one 45 minute session. I also offer face-to-face coaching at my central London offices, which is priced according to the program we decide upon together.

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