Personal Life Coaching

Are you a busy professional who wants to make your next bold career move?

Are your kids leaving home and you’re not sure what’s next for you? 

Do you find personal relationships tricky and you want to change that?

Natasha Stromberg in her office

Worry no more, I can help you 

Working with me as your personal coach will help you onto a path of greater emotional and physical Wellness.

I will help you navigate road blocks that are preventing you from living your life with a Wellness mindset and you can start to live a life where you feel more in control and that you find deeply satisfying

Beware.. personal coaching with Natasha could serious benefit your health and happiness!

Your top ten benefits

  • A heightened ability to tap into your inner wisdom

  • The courage to break away from the herd and live the life YOU want to live

  • Silencing your inner critic

  • Worrying less, enjoying more

  • Increased self-confidence

  • A greater understanding of your emotions so you can live in balance

  • A deeper connection to your spiritual self

  • Being accountable for your dreams and goals

  • A greater feeling of personal freedom

  • Feeling super-charged with optimism

 My Fees

My entry-level, face-to-face online coaching program delivered by Zoom costs £395 for four sessions. I also offer face-to-face personalised coaching at my central London offices, which is priced according to the program we decide upon together.

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