Coaching 101

It’s normal to have questions or doubts about personal coaching. You might have heard the term but you’re not sure what it really means. On this page I answer the Top Five questions I’m regularly asked about coaching and I hope that by answering them I can put your mind at ease.

Personal coaching DID originate in the United States but far from being ‘New-Agey, it was former financial planner Thomas Leonard who founded the Life Coaching profession back in the 1980’s.  Thomas realised that his clients needed more from him than just financial advice, and what they wanted deep down was help organising and planning their lives. He created the techniques, which were to become standard in the personal and Life Coaching profession, and went on to found the International Coaching Federation,  which remains the coaching industry’s foremost trade and ethics body today. Thanks to Thomas and countless others who followed him, personal Coaching is now a bonafide, accredited profession and is acknowledged as a great asset to the individuals and businesses it serves.

It’s natural to turn to friends and family when you encounter problems or hurdles in your life, and they can be a great source of wisdom and comfort.  BUT doing so can also put a strain on your personal relationships, particularly if those family members or friends are dealing with their own difficulties. Working with your own dedicated personal coach gives you the advantage of having a professional mind focusing exclusively on your personal growth without judgment or bias.

Absolutely you can use self-help books and they will probably be your first port of call – I know they were mine when I was looking for answers to my life questions. However, it can be really hard to keep up momentum when you’re sitting reading a book alone. Working with a qualified personal coach is an effective way of fast tracking your progress and is a great way to get ahead and move forward with your life quickly. 

I love this one and I get asked it A LOT and the answer is: ‘Of course you can’. Sadly, many men are still not encouraged to seek guidance or advice and this can lead to a lack of understanding of your emotional drivers which form the key components to enjoying a satisfying personal and professional life. I have coached very senior professional men and men who are just starting out in their lives and their careers. Check out my Testimonials page to see what they say about me. 

This distinction is an important one. Personal coaching is based on where you’re at NOW in your life and focuses on your current goals and plans. Psychotherapy traditionally explores emotional trauma from events that have happened in your past. In the coaching industry we say that Coaching is ‘solution-driven’ and Counselling is ‘understanding-driven’. If you’re suffering from a medically diagnosed mental health issue, personal coaching will not be appropriate for you unless you agree it beforehand with your doctor or mental health professional. 

O.K, I’m convinced, I’d like to try a personal coach. What do I do next?

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