Low mood boost

Are you experiencing low mood, feeling down or not quite your usual self?

 Many of us are, there’s a lot happening in the world.

Low mood boost therapy can change that for you.

Low Mood Explained

According to the NHS definition, Low mood manifests itself by you feeling ‘anxious or panicky’. If you’re experiencing Low mood, you may feel more tired than usual or have trouble sleeping. Maybe you’re experiencing emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration or irritability and you might even feel that your confidence has taken a bit of a knock?

Low mood differs from Depression, in that it’s usually possible to boost your mood by making small, manageable changes to your life yourself. In the case of Depression, which is characterised by persistent sadness, medical advice from a practicing Clinician should be sought.

Live Well Consume Less Enjoy More
My Low Mood Boost therapy teaches you how to recognise and manage your everyday moods more effectively. You will learn how food, exercise and even your home can influence your mood and how to make small but positive changes which have immediate impact. Drawing inspiration from Eastern and Ancient philosophies and relaxation practices, I help you enact powerful mindset and behavioural change to boost your overall happiness and mood.

Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Soul Wellness 

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