Wellness for Charities and Not-for-profits

Working in a charity or activist organisation brings with it a unique set of workplace challenges. As employees, you are some of the most courageous and dedicated people in society, working tirelessly, on a limited budget, for social change. Your work can be immensely rewarding but it can also be wearing on your mental health and my Wellness programs can help you navigate and improve that.

In a 2019 Unite survey focusing on mental health in the charity sector, 42 per cent of respondents believed their job was not good for their mental health and 22 per cent disagreed with the statement ‘I work in a safe and healthy working environment’.

As a multi-passionate activist myself, I know that fighting for a cause you care deeply about can be mentally draining. That’s why I want to work with charities and activists to make Wellness a priority in your organisation, because when you invest in employee Wellness, you can continue to do your amazing and life-changing work.

My Wellness at Work programs for charities and activist organisations

I have added several extra modules to my core Wellness at Work programs specially for charities and activist organisations which address particular challenges you may be experiencing. I detail some of them below:

  • How to establish strong emotional boundaries at work

  • How to use Non-violent communication techniques for better outcomes

  • How to thrive at work as an Empathic person

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