About Natasha

I’m a Life and Wellness Coach (MCMA,MNCP Accred), with a passion for sharing my unique vision of how you can live a more fulfilling and sustainable life by understanding and harnessing your emotions. I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching accredited by the National Council of Psychologists and the Association for Coaching, and recognised for excellence by the Complimentary Medical Association. Armed with the skills I gained from my studies and my own life wisdom, my mission is to help you live a happier and healthier life.

I am fascinated by our emotions and how they affect our health and wellbeing. Years of working in International Finance gave me a ring side seat in the study of human emotions as I watched how certain environments and pressures encouraged people to act and how it affected their mental health.

However, it was my divorce in my mid-thirties which became the catalyst for me committing to study and learn about my own emotions, as I found myself struggling to process my personal situation.

Looking back, those were dark days which are thankfully long behind me, but, as a result of my experiences, I have empowered myself to live a life based on physical and mental Wellness and transformed both my happiness and my health. My mission now is to share that knowledge and wisdom with you and to help you transform yours.

 Like many of you reading this, I have faced some deeply emotional times in my life. I’ve been through unsuccessful fertility treatments, I’ve experienced depression and loneliness and I’ve had business and romantic disappointments. But, through all of this, I’ve realised that by facing, understanding and tolerating my emotions, I’ve been able to find happiness and grow spiritually.
I believe that emotional honestly benefits us all and I hope that by sharing my story, you will see what I have found to be true; that by embracing your emotions and not running from them, your life can become easier and more fulfilling.

Professional Memberships and Accreditations

Who is my Wellness coaching for?

Not-for-Profit and For-profit organisations, who value their employees and want to invest in professionally guided programs with an Accredited Coach to improve Wellness in their Workplace.

Who is my Life coaching for?

Men and women who want gain a better understanding of their emotions and behaviours and create a life based on the principles of emotional connection and spiritual fulfilment

Not for profit groups such as youth organisations or women’s organisations who want to give their members key emotional literacy and life skills

Why it’s special

This is your chance to work with a professionally qualified and Accredited Life Coach whose passion it is to see us all raise our consciousness and step onto the path of physical and emotional Wellness. I will help you build your self-esteem, transform your workplace, wean yourself off consumer culture, connect meaningfully with Nature and live a more spiritual and intentional life.

How it works

We set up 10 minute FREE phone or ZOOM call to discuss which of my programs you’re interested in. We talk budget, timeframe and whether you want online or in-person coaching. Based on our discussion, I design a coaching program to meet your needs and fix a date to begin your program. Easy.

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