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I want to bring mental, physical and soul Wellness to as many people as possible. As CEO of my own ground breaking Wellness practice I use talking therapies, visualisation techniques and relaxation exercises to help you live a healthy, low-stress and meaningful life.

I’m accredited by the International Council of Psychotherapists and I’m registered with the Complementary Medical Association – the international elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine. I’m a keen Gardener, Earth protector and Nurturer with a deep belief in the healing powers of Nature.

Professional Memberships and Accreditations

Emotional Intelligence
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Natasha Stromberg MCMA
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I’m fascinated by how our emotions drive and affect our mental, physical and soul health. I worked for over two decades in the Financial Markets in the U.K which gave me a ring side seat in the study of human emotions. But, it was my divorce in my mid-thirties which forced me to face my own emotions.

Like many people, I consulted a medical Doctor, and was offered medication for Depression but I decided instead to try talking therapies complemented by exercise and time spent in Nature. I also confided in friends, family and a work colleague and my pathway to healing began. Fortunately, those dark days of confusion and sadness are far behind me and today I’m a Wellness therapist, focused on helping YOU transform your mental, physical and soul health just like I did.

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Who are my Wellness services for?

» Anyone who wants to transform their life and experience long-lasting emotional balance and calm.

» Any organisation who values Employee Health and wants to benefit from greater employee engagement, loyalty and creativity.

Why I’m Unique

This is your chance to work with a Wellness Professional who is not only experienced in co-creating impactful wellbeing therapies, but who understands the pressures of the corporate world from first hand experience.  But, don’t just take my word for it, read what my clients say about me here

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