‘I’m here to help you live a healthier, happier life through my unique approach to Life and Wellness coaching’

Living well should be your daily reality, not some far-off pipe dream

Do you find yourself saying ‘I want to live a happy, healthy life’ but you’re unsure where to start? Are you striving for a sense of emotional and physical balance but aren’t achieving it? Do you dream of jumping off the consumer bandwagon but don’t know how? Or do you want to create a happier and healthier workplace where you and your colleagues thrive together? Well, the good news is that I’m here to help you. Whether you work with me as a Life Coach or as a Wellness consultant, I’ll help you and your organisation identify, understand and channel your emotions, so that you’re equipped with the tools to create the life or the workplace you want.

Consume more wisdom, less stuff
At the heart of  my philosophy of ‘Living Well’ is the idea of consuming less material stuff and consuming more life wisdom instead. According to recent studies, buying and owning more stuff doesn’t make you happier and can lead to feelings of guilt and disconnection. Not only that, our current consumer habits are threatening Life on Earth and we have no option but to make radical changes. I strongly  believe that in order to change we each need to identify and question the emotions behind our consumer habits, and replace them with something more empowering for us and more sustainable for the beautiful planet we all call HOME. 

Consumer culture can lead you into debt and aimless shopping can distract you from achieving your deeply held life goals

If you’re anything like me, you will have looked at your purchases at some point and thought ‘Why did I buy that?, I don’t need it’. Welcome to 21st Century consumer society, it’s all around us.

In a recent consumer survey, reasons for buying things we don’t need ranged from: Boredom, Fear of Missing Out, Loneliness and keeping up with the latest hot celebrity – none of which seem very uplifting to me.

So, if over-consuming is not making you happy, come on a journey with me and discover what drives your desire to buy the stuff you don’t need and how you can take positive steps towards the things that make you deep-down happy?

Consuming Less will help you step into a more confident life
Time and time again, what has been proven to make us happy, is real life connection- with others, with ourselves and with the natural world. Cutting back on your shopping habit frees up your time to focus on new hobbies and pastimes where you meet new people and discover new things.
If you want to change your consumption habits and embrace a new way of living, take one of my Life coaching courses or attend one of my signature Talks to help you understand the emotional drivers behind your behaviour and give you the confidence to clear space in your life for the ‘stuff’ that really matters.
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Enjoy more Nature, enjoy more Emotional Connection, enjoy more Free Stuff, enjoy more Wisdom, enjoy more Wellness…

I want you to live your best life and enjoy as many positive experiences as you can – both at home and at work. If you’re lucky, you will already have experienced moments of real, deep down joy and I’m betting that this has come in times when you’ve felt totally connected to a person, an animal or to the overwhelming beauty and life force of the Natural World. It is in these moments of connection that you will have experienced a strong  sense of contentment, which brings calm and fulfilment to your life.

At Natashastromberg.com I promote this mindset of emotional connection, and share with you the tips and techniques which enable you to enjoy it for yourself. You will benefit in so many ways from adopting a mindset of Living Well, Consuming Less and Enjoying More and I am here as your partner to help you embrace it.

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