‘I partner with you to embed a Wellness mindset into your workplace, into your community and into your life by delivering solutions that encourage a deeper connection with Nature’

Living well should be your daily reality, not some far-off pipe dream

If you’re looking to create a happier, healthier workplace or a thriving local community with mental and physical health at its core then you’ve come to the right place! I provide Wellness solutions that focus on nutrition, coaching for emotional issues such as stress and anxiety and using Nature and plants as both a healing and relaxation force. Whatever your Wellness vision is, I help you with mindset change and a new and positive way of living and being.

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Consume more wisdom, less stuff
At the heart of  my philosophy of ‘Living Well’ is the idea of consuming less material stuff and more life wisdom. According to recent studies, buying and owning more stuff doesn’t make you happier and can lead to feelings of guilt and disconnection. Not only that, our current consumer habits are threatening Life on Earth and we have no option but to make radical changes. 
Wellness Coach

Aimless shopping can lead you into debt and distract you from achieving your deeply held life goals

In a recent consumer survey, reasons for buying things we don’t need ranged from: Boredom, Fear of Missing Out, Loneliness and keeping up with the latest hot celebrity – none of which seem very uplifting to me.

If over-consuming is not making you happy, book a one -to-one coaching consultation with me or hire me to deliver one of my Carbon Cutdown Talks and to find out how you can take positive steps away from consumerism and towards the things that make you deep-down happy.

Consume more Nature, enjoy more emotional connection. 

I want you to live your best life and enjoy as many positive experiences as you can. Natasha Stromberg Wellness promotes a mindset of emotional connection with Nature, with people and with yourself to bring a strong sense of contentment, calm and fulfilment to your everyday life.

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