Mental and Physical Wellbeing is the cornerstone of a rich and fulfilling human life, yet many of us are not experiencing it. Here at Natasha Stromberg Wellness I want to change that through my unique Educational Programs and Talks.

Wellness Education Programs

Whether you’re looking to create a happier, healthier workplace, a thriving local community grounded in mental wellbeing, or you want to wash away your own personal anxieties, Natasha Stromberg Wellness is here to help. I provide bespoke education and training programs on how to understand and embrace your emotions, how to  eat the right foods to improve your mental and physical health and how to use Nature and the power of plants as a healing and restorative force.  My programs will open your mind to new possibilities of personal and professional Wellness and teach you how to practice a positive and powerful way of living.

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Life Wisdom Education
At the heart of  my philosophy of ‘Living Well’ is encouraging a mindset shift from consuming high levels of material stuff to consuming more Life Wisdom. I believe that modern life has quietened our innate human wisdom and we need to tap back into that to experience more joy and life satisfaction. My Life Wisdom Education is designed to help you re-connect wtih your inner personal wisdom and un-lease a whole new approach to living 
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 Eco Education 

A huge part of human wellbeing depends on a symbiotic relationship with the Natural World, where we feel connected and part of a greater whole. Much of our feelings of loneliness and sense of malaise comes from a profound disconnection from the Natural World and the other species who share it with us. Recognising that is the first step to re-integrating ourselves into our natural surroundings and then allowing ourselves to experience the sense of physical and mental wellbeing that brings.

I currently offer two Eco-Education courses –  my Carbon Cutdown training program which enables you to start consuming less and protecting our planet more and my Re-connect to Nature workshop which is full of the wonders of Nature’s sounds, smells and sights. Click here for more information on my Carbon Cutdown Webinar and scroll below for more information on my ‘Re-connect to Nature’ workshop

Re-connect to Nature

 Being close to Nature has a profound beneficial effect on our health and mental wellbeing. Research has even shown that looking at images of Nature on a screen can alleviate pain and boost our mood. I believe that much of our human restlessness and endless search for meaning through consumption of ‘stuff’ has its roots in our disconnection from the Natural World. That’s why I’ve designed my ‘Re-connect with Nature’ educational program to bring you back home to the essence of who we are.

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